Catches, canons and drinking songs

to your rude health,

How to use this resource

This website is constructed as a linked resource graph for the sources of catches, canons and drinking songs, primarily those in the University of Glasgow’s Euing Collection. The website can be navigated in three ways: browsing, searching and through RDFa.


A good place to start is at the Songs category which lists all the songs that have been catalogued in alphabetical order, or the Sources category which lists the sources catalogued.

Screenshot of the “songs” category

From here, you can click on items such as songs or sources and view the information for that record. Songs that have an audio recording are marked with an Icon of a tankard icon, and songs that have an edition published on the site are marked with an Icon of a piece\nof music icon.

Screenshot of a “song” record

The record data is displayed on these pages, and related items are hyperlinked to their respective records. For example, the composer John Lenton is linked from this page, so is the genre “Catch”, the number of voices, the key signature D major, the time signature, the edited text, where that song has been catalogued (one, two, as well as the facsimile images.


Alternatively, records can be queried by the search bar at the top of the page. Typing text in this search bar will yield the records that match that query. Clicking on a result will take you to that record’s page.

Screenshot of searching for “Chloe”


Finally, the entire website can be explored through linked data, either by linking to the site through an RDFa–compatible API, or using an RDFa–compatible browser extension. Alternatively, the entire dataset can be downloaded as JSON through the Git repository.

Screenshot of an RDFa browser

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