Catches, canons and drinking songs

to your rude health,

Source: UofG Library ASC Farmer e2 (coll.4)

Shelfmark: UofG Library ASC Farmer e2 (coll.4)

Editors: Thomas Warren

A fourth Collection of
Catches Canons and Glees
Three, Four, Five and Eight Voices
Most humbly inscrib'd to the
St. Albans Tavern
by their much Oblig'd
and Devoted Servant
Caulfield Sculpt.
LONDON Printed by WELCKER in Gerrard Street St. Ann's Soho
Where may be had the 1st. 2d. and 3d. Book of Catches Canons and Glees, a Pocket Volume of Catches, a Book of Songs and Glees, a single Canon in 48 Parts. the following Works by Sigr. BACH 6 Harpsichor Concertos 6 Sonatas & 6 Lessons each 10=6. Six Overtures Op.3d. Composed for the Wednesday night subscription Concert in Soho Square 15S. Six Canzonets & 12 Songs from Adriano in Siria. by Sigr. COCCHI 12 Italian Glees after the manner of the Catch Club, 20 Duets in score 16 Songs & Duets 6 Quintets & 8 Marches in 5 Parts 20 Minuets for the Harpsichord. by Sigr. VENTO 3 Books of Harpsichord Sonatas & 6 Sonatas for 2 Violins & a Bass. by Sigr. BARTHELEMON 6 Sonatas for 2 Violins or Flutes & a Bass 6 Solos for a Violin. by Sigr. CIRRI 6 Overtures in 8 parts 2 Sett of Sonatas for 2 Violins & a Bass. Sonatas by Kammell, Humble, Galleotti, Androux, Lidarti, Shiati & Zappa. The Musical Curiosity being a Tabular System whereby any Person may Compose ten thousand different Minuets in the most pleasing and Correct manner without the least knowledge of Musick a new Book for the Guittar containing Duets French English & Italian Songs Airs Minuets Marches &c. With the greatest Variety of Musick &c. &c. &c.

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