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Song: I, Thomas of Bedford, this monument made, for a...

by Richard Brown . A Epitaph, Catch for Three voices , in C minor


I, Thomas of Bedford, this monument made,
for a pair of good wives, though but one of ’em’s dead,
Alice Paul did of Clerkenwell parish descend,
and Ann, my surviving, from the Saints of Woodend,
this work I attempted with sorrow and woe,
‘cause one wife was dead and the other not so,
however the virtues of her I now have,
make my burthen more easy till both are in grave,
this has got all the graces of her that is gone,
and o’er and above ’em some few of her own,
but alas! oh! alas that such goods should decay,
that e’er they should die or be taken away.

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