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Song: “Jack I hear you’re good at pinking, but you’re...

by Charles John Frederick Lampe . A Catch for Four voices , in G major


“Jack I hear you’re good at pinking,
but you’re better far at drinking,
and I’ll lay you if you durst,
fifty pounds I hit you first,”
“You’re a fool and brag of doing,
but ’tis time we should be going,
do but look up at the dial,
’tis too late to make a trial,”
“to be treated in this fashion
by a coward stirs my passion,
zounds you scoundrel, you shall die,
damn me, Sir, I say you lie,”
”’tis quite wrong to give the lie Sir,
drink about and let it die Sir,”
“zounds Sir, you lie, hark ye Sirrah,
meet me and we’ll fight tomorrow.”

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