Catches, canons and drinking songs

to your rude health,

Item: The Street Intrigue

by Dr. Arne . For Three voices, in G major

Song: “Hark! You, my dear, come hither, afford me a...

Hark you my Dear come hither my Dear come hither afford me a moments delay where wou'd you run say whither shall you and I go to the Play nay don't be afraid come come you Jade come before the Gallery's full the Play is fine and the Pantomime's Europa astride on a Bull.
O fie Sir I can't Sir I can't Sir Lord! what will the Neighbours say they'd all tell my Mother I went with a Man to the Play let me be gone I tremble let me be gone I tremble excuse me I now must retreat or else be chidden and pinch'd and drub'd for talking with you in the Street.
So Mistress Minx have I caught you have I caught you Hey day! what doings what doings are here come home you Slut come home od rot it come home and draw my Customers Beer Sir loosen her hand and go to the Strand the Market for impudent Whores if e'er she flirts it with you again I'll turn her out of my doors.


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