Catches, canons and drinking songs

to your rude health,

Item: The good Fellow

For Three voices, in G major

Song: Let the grave folks go preach that our lives are...

Let the grave folks go Preach, that our lives are but short, and tell us much Wine speedy Death does invite; but we'll be reveng'd before hand with them for't, and crod a Life's mirth in the space of a Night, Then stand all about with your Glasses full crown'd, till ev'ry thing else to our Posture do grow, till our Cups and our Heads, and the whole House go round, & the Cellar becomes where the Chamber is now. The Sun in the Rays of his rich Morning Gown, shall be rivall'd by Faces as bright as his own, and wonder that Mortals can fuddle away, more Wine in a Night then he Water i'th' Day.


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