Catches, canons and drinking songs

to your rude health,

Item: A Catch on the Midnight Cats

by Mr Mich: Wise . For Three voices, in G minor

Song: Ye cats that at midnight spit love at each...

Ye Cats that at Midnight spit Love at each other, who best feel the Pangs of a passionate Lover, I appeal to your Scratches and tattered Fur, if the busness of Love be nore more than to Pur, Old Lady Grimalkin with Goosberry Eyes, when a Kitten knew something for why she was wise, you find by experience the Love fit's soon o'er, Puss, Puss lasts not long but turns to Catwhore, Men ride many Miles, Cats tread many Tiles, both hazard, both hazard their Necks in the fray, only Cats if they fall from a House or a Wall, keep their Feet mount their Tails, mount their Tails and away.


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