Catches, canons and drinking songs

to your rude health,

Item: A Catch by way of Epistle

by Mr H Purcell . For Three voices, in C minor

Song: To all lovers of music, performers and scrapers,...

To all Lovers of Musick, Performers & Scrapers, to those yt love Catches, play Tunes & cut Capers. With a New Catch I greet you, & tho I say it that shou'dn't, like a fiddle, 'tis Musick, tho the words are but wood'n: But my Brother Iohn Playford & I shall present you, e'er long with a Book, I presume will content you, tis true we know well the Sale of good Musick, but to hear us perform woud make him sick or you sick, My maggot Man Sam, at the first Temple Gate, will further inform you, if not my Wife Kate, from between the two Devils near Temple Bar, I rest your Friend and Servant Iohn Carr.


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