Catches, canons and drinking songs

to your rude health,

Item: The good Fellow

by By Mr H Hall . For Three voices, in G major

Song: Let the grave folks go preach that our lives are...

Let ye grave Folks go preach, yt our Lives are but short, & tell us much Wine speedy Death does invite; But we'll be reveng'd beforehand with them for't, & crowd a Life's Mirth in ye Space of a Night; then stand all about with your Glasses full crown'd, 'till ev'ry Thing else to our Posture do grow, 'till our Cups and our Heads, and ye whole House go round, & ye Cellar becomes where ye Chamber is now. The Sun in ye Rays of his rich Morning Gown, shall be rivall'd by Faces as bright as his own, & wonder that Mortals can fuddle away, more Wine in a Night than he Water i'th Day.


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