Catches, canons and drinking songs

to your rude health,

Item: A Catch on Tobacco sung by 4 Men while smoaking...

For Four voices, in D major

Song: Good indeed, the herb’s good weed, fill thy pipe...

Good good indeed the Herb's good Weed fill thy Pipe Will and I prithee Sam fill for Sure we may Smoak and yet Sing Still and yet Sing Still what Say the Learned what say the Learned Vita fumus Vita fumus tis what you and I and he and I you and he and I and all of us Sumus But then to the Learned Say we again if Life'a a Smoak as they maintain if Life's a Vapour without doubt when a Man does dye they Shou'd not cry that his Glass is run but his Pipe is out But whether we Smoak or whether we Sing let's be loyal and remember the Queen let her live and let her Foes vanish thus thus thus like like a Pipe like a Pipe of Spanish thus thus like a Pipe of Spanish


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