Catches, canons and drinking songs

to your rude health,

Item: The London Constable

by by Mr. H. Purcell . For Three voices, in C major

Song: “Who comes there? Stand and come before the...

Who comes there, stand, who comes there, stand, and come before the Constable, we'll know what you are, what makes you out so late say's the Midnight Magestrate, with a Noddle full of Ale in a wooden Chair of State.
whence come you Sir, and whither do you go, you may be Sir a Jesuit, for ought I know, you may as well, Sir, take me for a Mahomitan, he speaks Latin, secure him, he's a dangerous Man,
To tell you the truth Sir, I am an honest Tory, but here's a Crown to drink an there's an end of the story, Good morrow, Sir, a civil Man is always welcome, Go, Barnaby Bounce, light the Gentleman Home.


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